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Cookie Policy
Cookies at YellowLeaf
At YellowLeaf cookies are used to maximise usability of our website and to ensure that the user has a safe and seamless experience.

To restrict on your web browser, then this can be done by accessing the browser settings. For further information on cookies, please visit: Listed below are cookies which are considered necessary for our website in order for that browser securely and seamlessly. Without these cookies or sessions enabled, the website may not function up to standard expectations.
Necessary Cookies
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Cookie Purpose Persistent or Session
ename Manages YellowLeaf member accessibility. Session
epass Manages YellowLeaf member accessibility Session
eremember Manages YellowLeaf member accessibility Session
yl_user For system to remember to keep member logged in. Persistent - 100 days expiration
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Performance and advertising cookies
The cookies below are created by a third-party tool developed by Google, which help us record and monitor certain YellowLeaf website statistics. Cookies are also created by Google's advertising tool.
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Cookie Purpose
Google Analytics Monitoring user performance and recording website statistics.
Google Ads Monitoring pay per click advertising on the website
Google Showing advertisements around YellowLeaf. See Google Advertising.
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