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Local Business Directory Rutland UK

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Two Chimps Coffee, Oakham
Two Chimps Coffee are on a mission to fill the gap between pod machine coffee drinkers and speciality coffee drinkers by offering fresh, hand-roasted speciality coffee straight to your door. ..
T-lab Original Clothing, Barrowden
We started t-lab in 2010. As designers, we were looking for a creative way to express ourselves and t-shirts, with their history of youthful, easy-going style seemed like a great way to do it. We chose the name t-lab because the whole project was an exper..
Heilongjiang Tidbit Stationery Co. ,Ltd was established in Harbin City, China in 2000, formerly known as Heilongjiang Maikelao Cultural Goods Co. ,Ltd. We are specialized in producing Hi-polymer pencil leads and mechanical pencil with TIDBIT brand and tak..
The Rug Studio, Uppingham
The Rug Studio is based in Uppingham, Rutland and specialises in bringing life and beauty to your home by restoring and selling antique rugs, carpets and textiles. Restoration, styling, repurpose, source, duplicate, national, international. Establishmen..
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