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Italian Taste is a family run business serving Italian food at the heart of Birmingham. We have been established since 1975 and have successfully opened many branches accross the UK.
At Italian Taste, we hope that you enjoy and relish the combination of Italian cuisine and find the environment to be an intoxicating mixture of Italian culture. It is our passion and our urge to deliver the perfect blend of sophisticated dining experience and captivating food with great taste.

We also hope sincerely that the significance of such diverse and colourful culture with a pleasing mixture of hospitality and delectable fare is an equally memorable and charming experience for you.
Whether you are planning to have a birthday party, engagement party, office party or looking for any outside catering, Italian Taste will cater for you. For any further details please contact us.

At Italian Taste we try our best to cater all possible needs. We provide disabled car parking, we welcome guide dogs, assistance is always available, push-along wheelchairs are available, we have a wide checkout & portable chip/pin and also a baby highchairs with safety belt.
If you are not completely satisfied with any of our food, we will refund and replace the food for you. Also, if your delivery arrives more than 15 minutes later than its expected time, we will provide a 10% discount on your order.
Italian Taste covers the entire Birmingham and Sandwell region. We deliver all orders for FREE that are within a 3.5 miles radius. For any further details please contact us.
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